ACT Housing Specialist



1.            Personal stability, flexibility, energy and commitment to working with the chronically mentally ill.

2.            Current CPR and First Aid certification; driver's license and safe driving record.      

3.           Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

4.            Able to work independently with minimum supervision.

5.           Experience working with people who have co-occurring mental illness and substance abuse disorders.

6.           Minimum education, high school diploma or equivalent.  

7.            Meet credentialing and/or privileging requirements as set out in Policy and Procedures.



1.          Take part in agency sponsored training programs by supervisor's request.

2.          Meet the needs of clients in the areas of mental health and substance abuse education, prevention, recovery, and other related                mental health rehabilitation areas.

3.         Organize and conduct structured group and individual activities that address client’s goals for housing.

4.         Provide specialized housing services to other staff members through clinical team meetings and individual conferences.

5.         Complete required documentation including, but not limited to housing plans, and clinical records.

6.         Participate in the Individual Treatment Planning (ITP) process by assisting with client goal formulation, monitoring, and progress                 reporting.

7.         Perform direct service interventions as indicated in the ITP, and in coordination with other members of the treatment team.

8.         Assist in developing annual service goals and measuring and reporting progress.

9.         Identify the needs and sources(s) for housing resource materials and procure per Agency procedures.

10.       Establish and maintain communication and working relationships with other providers and leaders in the field to help assure                      housing resource availability and enhance the Agency’s working knowledge of housing issues.

11.       Obtain and document results of housing inspections for clients.

12.       Provide transportation to and from community meetings.

13.       Provide case management for an assigned group of clients including coordinating and monitoring the activities of the individual                treatment team; assume responsibility for developing, writing, implementing, evaluating, and revising overall treatment goals and              plans in conjunction with the ITP; provide individual supportive counseling; assist in symptom management, ensuring immediate                  changes are made in the treatment plans as client’s needs change. Educate and support client’s families, and advocate for client                rights and preferences.

14.       Conduct comprehensive assessment of all domains of a person’s life.

15.       Provide on-call crisis intervention when assigned, covering nighttime and weekend hours.

16.       Become an expert of the ACT philosophy and follow and maintain high fidelity to the ACT Model of Care.


NARRATIVE: Plan and implement housing services for clients who have co-occurring mental illness and substance abuse disorders. Acts as a facilitator and resource person to consumers and other staff regarding the identification, development, and attainment of housing opportunities. Person will also be an expert in the maintenance of housing in the community and development of independent living skills. Performs other rehabilitation duties as assigned by Team Leader.


AUTHORITY:     Position reports to the ACT Team Leader who will develop individual and group work schedules in collaboration with team members.


CLASSIFICATION, SALARY AND BENEFITS: Regular, full time, exempt from overtime.                                                                                                                 

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