1. Personal stability, flexibility, energy, and commitment to working with those with serious mental illness.

2. Experience with EMR billing and collections, and non-EMR billing and collection.

3. Significant proficiency with the use of computers and common business software; demonstrated willingness and capacity to use and follow EMR and non-EMR billing software, systems and procedures.

4. Supervisory experience with emphasis on running a billing department.

5. Superior command of written English, including forms for reports, letters, other documents.

6. Highly developed organizational skills.

7. Meet credentialing and privileging requirements as set out in Policy and Procedures.

8. Minimum five years of experience in patient accounting environment and medical billing experience

9.  CPC certification preferred.

10. Proficient in electronic claims system and other software.


1. Supervise the Billing unit, which includes data entry, reconciliation, reports, authorizations, electronic billing, and collections.

2. Be either primary or secondary employee responsible for the following:

           a. Responsible for all accounts, including delinquent or re-billed, and managing cash payment cycle.

           b. Maintains the following monthly reports: Account Aging, Transactions for a period, register for a period, Utilization                      Report, and Write-offs.

           c. Works closely with the CFO regarding accounts receivable, monthly billing and analysis, and cash flow issues.

           d. Measure billing results, collections, and write-offs to budget.

           e. Reconcile reports to all components of financial and operating data.

           f. Evaluates data and suggest improvement mechanisms.

           g. Maintain records, attendance statistics, and client data in accordance with agency regulations

3. Maintains finance department policies and procedures manual, master copy of all reports used in each program, and suggests and formulates new policies and procedures, and company-based forms, as needed.

4. Train employees in paperwork requirements per regulations and in-house procedures.

5. Posts all third party receivables.

6. Provides support to clinic staff regarding insurance questions and various web site navigation.

7. Maintains files on provider license for billing.

8. Keeps in contact with Medical staff and providers so that the correct information is submitted for billing, keep them informed of any changes.

9.  Attends seminars on billing & coding periodically and keeps informed of all current billing information.

10. Maintains all correspondence with EDS, Medicare, CHDP, private insurance companies, software vendors and patients.

11. Troubleshoots and reports problems of billing software to vendor.

12. Serve on committees and attend meetings as requested by supervisor.

13. Manage, investigate, seek collection, and write-off, as appropriate, uncollectible accounts monthly.

14. Set up report system on accounts receivable.

15. Track, check and report on grey zone activity.

16. Other duties as assigned by supervisor.


Position reports to Chief Financial Officer, receives schedules, assignments and evaluations from same.


Regular, full time position; non-exempt from overtime; see published salary scale

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