Assistant Vocational Team Leader


  1.              Personal stability, flexibility, energy, and commitment to working with people recovering from severe mental illness.

  2.              Current CPR and First Aid; Driver’s license and safe driving record.

  3.             Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

  4.             Formal training and/or related experience equivalent to a bachelor’s degree, with value accorded to small business and supported employment experience.

  5.             Supervisory experience preferred.

  6.             Demonstrated ability to address the problematic needs of supported workers.  Demonstrated familiarity with the psychosocial and vocational rehabilitation process.


  1.              Develop employment opportunities for members through direct solicitation of employers for individual positions.

  2.              Complete vocational intake and orientation to vocational services for newly recruited members; Assess readiness and employment skills; provide generic training for employment; provide specific training. Maintain Evidence Based Practices (EBP).

  3.             Serve as a liaison to the business community and provide help to agencies; advocate for people recovering from severe mental illness as employees.

  4.             Maintain awareness of advances in the vocational field and advise staff on issues and trends in vocational development, training, and placement.

  5.             Attend all staff meetings and in-house trainings as requested.

  6.             Keep record, provide reports, and maintain data as required by the Division of Rehabilitation Services, Mental Health Administration, or other regulatory agencies.

  7.             Assist in development of vocational program budget; monitor revenues and expenses consistent with budget constraints. 

  8.             Establish program targets for job development, training, employment and job retention with Team Leader; assist with evaluation of program semi-annually.

9.            Using the electronic medical records, input data and following through seeing services to their completion.

10.          Maintain total confidentiality and adhere to HIPPA law, CARF accreditation standards and Maryland State Regulations.

11.           Other duties as assigned by the Team Leader.


The Vocational Coordinator is tasked with providing the outlet for members able to make the transition to the community of volunteer and gainful employment.  Within the framework of the existing Supported Employment Program, if possible, or outside of it if not, will act as a placing agency for members seeking work and as entrepreneur to initiate, negotiate, and supervise business contracts.


Regular, full-time position; exempt from overtime; position reports to the Vocational Team Leader

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