1. Personal stability, flexibility, energy and commitment to working with the chronically mentally ill.

2. Current CPR and First Aid certification; driver's license and safe driving record; reliable transportation.

3. Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

4. Bachelor's degree and/or two years of experience working with chronically mentally ill clients.

5. Experience in teaching, recreation, social work, or vocational training is desired.

6. Meet credentialing and privileging requirements as set out in Policy and Procedures.


1. Take part in agency sponsored training programs by supervisor's request.

2. Assume primary responsibility for a small caseload, generate member assessments, develop individual rehabilitation plans and document progress towards achieving goals; other related documentation requirements.

3. Carrying out assignments to fulfill the CST mission of providing sanctuary and support to members in the community including but not limited to:

  • On-site programming based on day program coordinator's plan to meet member needs for group

    instruction, living skills, and recreation;

  • Regular home visitation; face to face and telephone contacts in accordance with Community Support Team's schedule;

  • Residential assignments to teach independent living skills in the areas of shelter, food, clothing,

  • medications, money, and ADLs

  • Job placement and supported employment counseling;

  • Transportation;

  • Positive role modeling;

  • Teaching basic standards of cleanliness and safety;

  • Training in accessing community resources;

  • Member assessment and crisis interventions.

4. Participate in agency employee meetings and other meetings as requested.

5. Ensure that all programmatic and physical environment issues are in accord with agency policies and administrative regulations as appropriate.

6. Assist in coordination of services received from other community agencies.

7. Other duties as assigned by the Community Support Team Leader


The Community Support Team will be the center for information, documentation, decision-making, and implementation of plans for individual members on a caseload.  It will be responsible for the goals and strategies that make up the core of an individual member's program and progress.  The CST Leader has ultimate responsibility for the effective working of the team and the successful integration of the caseload in the larger community.  The expectation for the CST Leader is that his or her greater training and experience will enable him or her to develop an effective working relationship among employees with a wide range of differing functions through a commitment to consensus building and teamwork primacy.


Position reports to the Community Support Team Leader who will develop individual and group work schedules in collaboration with team members.


Regular, full time, flexible schedule position; exempt from overtime; see published salary scale.

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