Our Core Values for the Organization

"Creating Hope, Gaining Mastery, Embracing Happiness"


Acting from the belief and expectation that good things will happen for us and our members.


Striving always to be the best that we can be for ourselves, our members, and our team.


Honoring the rights of individuals to direct their lives, work, recovery and relationships.


Creating experiences that give us and our members feelings of joy, pride, contentment and well-being.

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History of Lower Shore Clinic and Go-Getters

Go-Getters is a psychiatric rehabilitation program offering a broad array of programs designed to assist people recovering from severe mental illness to integrate more fully into their chosen home communities. Founded in 1979 by Mary Kay Noren, then a social worker at Eastern Shore State Hospital, Go-Getters was one of many community rehabilitation programs modeled after the Fountain House Clubhouse in New York. It has operated for over 38 years to serve over 400 members of the community. 

In 2000, the Lower Shore Clinic was created to provide outpatient mental health clinic services. In 2011, the Assertive Community Treatment team was added to provide mobile treatment to members who are having difficulty using office based services. In 2012, Primary Care was added as a service to all members and citizens of the Lower Shore Counties. With an on site pharmacy and lab for blood work, this integrated model of care provides services to over 2500 citizens of Wicomico, Dorchester, Somerset, and Worcester Counties.


As of 2016, Go-Getters Inc. is a subsidiary of the Lower Shore Clinic, Inc.  

Ethics and Confidentiality

The Organization’s expectations shall be for the highest ethical standards for employee action currently practiced in the mental health community. All staff is required to take an ethics course upon hire and are required to maintain confidentiality with respect to Federal and State Laws.

The organization is defined by a standard of conduct deep-rooted in commitment, confidentiality, and relationships. Committed to performance improvement and maintaining integrity, the organization recognizes personal accountability and moral obligation to: members, employees, other stakeholders, the environment, and the public.

The organization promotes the dignity of the profession and are committed to practicing with honesty, integrity, and accountability, respecting all laws and refusing to participate in or conceal any unethical, false, fraudulent, or deceptive activity.


Our primary commitment is to the health, well-being, and safety of members. Staff must take appropriate actions which are consistent with organization policy regarding any instances of incompetent, unethical, illegal, or impaired practice. 


Our Mission


Lower Shore Clinic's mission is to provide caring, effective, and highly accessible healthcare to all the residents of the Eastern Shore who seek services.

A CARF 3 Year accreditation was awarded to Lower Shore Clinic, Inc.  and Go-Getters, Inc. for the following programs in 2018:

Community Integration

Community Housing

Crisis Stabilization

Health Home

Outpatient Treatment: Mental Health

Community Employment Services: Employment Supports

Community Employment Services: Job Development

Assertive Community Treatment

Positive Psychotherapy's (PPT)  

The Lower Shore Clinic's approach to  operations and treatment is Positive Psychology and Positive Psychotherapy.  Positive Psychotherapy's (PPT)  core focus is on moving away from what’s ‘wrong’ or the negative aspects of an individual, and instead move towards what’s good and positive. This approach empowers the individual in their treatment by reframing negative symptoms. If you would like to know more about PPT please click this link:


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