Somerset County Services

We provide a day program five days a week from 9 am to 1 pm. Program includes groups pertaining to mental health issues, crafts, daily living skills, physical health education, and many more activities varying each month. Breakfast and lunch are provided.


We provide services to each of the members in the surrounding communities of Princess Anne, Crisfield, and the other smaller towns in Somerset County. Advocates assist with the daily demands of life and provide services in the community, home, work site, or another location chosen by the member. These services include medication monitoring, money management , gaining and maintaining entitlements, acquiring and maintaining employment and housing, connecting to community resources, handling interpersonal and family problems, and maintaining good overall mental and physical health. 

In Princess Anne we have three general houses with three beds provided in each. These houses serve as a stepping stone in order for members to learn skills to aid in moving into independent living. 

Services are provided at: 11559 Somerset Ave. Princess Anne, MD

Lower Shore Clinic’s Assertive Community Treatment Teams (ACT) provides mobile psychiatric, vocational, rehabilitation, nursing, peer support and substance abuse services. ACT teams provides outreach at a client’s home, work, or any other appropriate location chosen by the client. The teams provide case management and advocacy to assist clients in becoming as independent as possible. Adults in need of services are assessed by clinical staff to determine the client’s needs, strengths, resources and also receive a psychiatric evaluation which includes history, mental status examination, and diagnosis. ACT provides services  primarily to adult residents of Caroline, Dorchester,  Somerset, Talbot, Wicomico, and Worcester counties. 

Offices are located at: 431 E Main St., Salisbury MD and 828 Airpax Road, Cambridge MD

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