Health Home Nurse Care Manager


1. Personal stability, flexibility, energy, and commitment to working with people recovering from severe mental illness and co-occurring medical disorders.

2. Current CPR and first aid certification; driver’s license and safe driving record; reliable transportation.

3. Licensed as a Registered Nurse or Nurse Practitioner pursuant to COMAR 10.27.01 or COMAR 10.27.07 respectively.

4. Meet credentialing and privileging requirements as set out in policies and procedures.


1. Assists Health Home Director with wellness and prevention initiatives.

2. Facilitates health education groups for individuals and staff.

3. Accepts responsibility for providing –either directly or indirectly through CSAs—all appropriate Health Home contacts to members, exceeding minimum necessary for billing.

4. Participates in the initial care plan development for all assigned health care enrollees.

5. Assists in developing care plan health goals for individuals with co-occurring chronic disease.

6. Consults with staff about identified health conditions.

7. Contacts hospitals and medical providers for admission/discharge and ongoing care data.

8. Provides training on medical diseases, treatments and medications.

9. Tracks required assessments and screenings.

10. Assists in implementing technology programs and initiatives.

11. Monitors HIT tools and reports for medication adherence and hospital encounters.

12. Monitors and reports services, performance measures, and outcomes.

13. Other duties as assigned by Director.


Position reports directly to the Health Home Director.


Unique position; salary as appointed by Executive Director; full time benefits.  Exempt from overtime, flexible schedule position.

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