Outpatient Mental Health Services

Adults in need of services are assessed by clinical staff and also receive a psychiatric evaluation which includes history, mental status examination, and diagnosis. No one is turned away for the inability to pay. The Lower Shore Clinic provides an array of services including:

· Individual Counseling

· Group Therapy

· Medication

· Family Counseling and Education

· Family Psycho Education Groups

· Education Regarding Physical Health

· Co-occurring Disorder Treatment

· Case Management for Coordination of Resources 


Services are provided at: 505 E Main Street, Salisbury, MD

.Crisis Intervention Services

· Crisis Residential Placement

· Same Day Urgent Care Clinic

· Mobile Treatment Team

· Primary Care Services

· Discharge Planning

· Aftercare Planning

. Gambling Addiction

. Medication Assisted Treatment

Gambling Addiction

Lower Shore Clinic, Inc offers behavioral addictions treatment, including Gambling Addiction, also known as Problem Gambling.  The University of Maryland defines problem gambling as generally having 2 key features. One is impaired control. This means not being able to stick to limits of the amount of money and/or time that is spent gambling. The second feature is that the gambling causes personal emotional, financial, relationship or legal problems (negative life consequences). Gambling problems not only impact the person who is gambling but also frequently cause distress for family and friends. Gambling problems can be mild or quite severe and often worsen over time.  Lower Shore Clinic is available to assist in treatment of this problematic behavior by focusing on cognitive behavioral treatment types and when needed, medication assisted treatment. 

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