Substance Abuse Treatment

Peer Connection is an established rehabilitation program for people with co-occuring disorders. Dually diagnosed clients wish to be free of addiction and symtoms of mental illness but don’t recognize behaviors that undermine their efforts.We assist members in managing mental health and addictions issues to lead stable and productive lives. Peer Connection trains people in a peer-guided model with a unique language. Our members are taught to recognize self-defeating patterns that lead to instability and relapse. A group process stimulates awareness of these behaviors and encourages the devolopment of alternate solutions. We provide the setting, opportunity, and support for people wrestling with mental illness and substance abuse to lead manageable lives again.  


 The Lower Shore Clinic is committed to assisting in filling the gaps of treatment and recovery for individuals who suffer from co-occurring disorders, substance use and mental illness. The Lower Shore Clinic offers evidence-based interventions such as Medication Assisted Treatment(MAT) in the form of Vivitrol, Naltrexone, Campral and Antabuse, along with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and neurofeedback training. In addition, individuals often need ongoing intensive supports once sobriety is obtained; Go-Getters offers crisis housing, residential rehabilitation, and community supports to help with this transition.

Services are provided at: 108 W Lehigh Ave, Salisbury, MD

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